The Rockwood Farmers’ Market is much more than a place to buy local products.

Shop Local/Support Local:  The RFM supports local businesses and provides a venue for Rockwood residents and visitors to purchase directly from local growers and producers. We seek out the nearest producer to Rockwood that we can find for each product, with a few specialty products coming from slightly farther afield.

Build Community: The Rockwood Farmers’ Market (RFM) is a place to bring the family, gather with friends, catch up with neighbours, and enjoy being part of the community of Rockwood!

Business Development: The RFM support local entrepreneurs, and acts as an incubator for business ideas. Many businesses have started at the Farmers’ Market, testing products before further expanding into the community and beyond. We also support young entrepreneurs through our Youth Vendor Program.

Youth Development: The RFM provides training and volunteer experience to youth and adults. High school students can complete their volunteer hours at the market. Youth receive training and experience, and we often provide references for their first jobs.


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